Harmonizing Tradition and Innovation: The Toronto Waterfront Marathon Logo Rebranding with TCS

The logo design and rebranding project for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon was a dynamic endeavour that perfectly blended the essence of the event with the identity of its new title sponsor, TCS. With TCS stepping in as the marquee sponsor, it was crucial for the logo design to align with their brand while also retaining its own distinctive look. The result was a captivating design that featured TCS's signature colour palette and typography, reflecting their commitment to innovation and technological prowess. Simultaneously, the logo retained its unique character by incorporating symbolic elements representing the marathon's connection to the vibrant Toronto waterfront and the spirit of endurance and community. The design struck a perfect balance, capturing the synergistic harmony between TCS and the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, propelling the event into an exciting new era while honouring its rich heritage.
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